The Artefacts of Power series is a tetralogy of fantasy novels written by British author Maggie Furey. The series revolves around the character Aurian, after whom. To the city of Nexis, where Magefolk rule uneasily over a race of mortals, a young girl named Aurian comes to learn the magic arts. Her dormant powers are. The Artefacts of Power book series by Maggie Furey includes books Aurian, Harp of Winds, Sword of Flame, and several more. See the complete Artefacts of.

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Meanwhile, Death awaits his third and final meeting with the pair… As the Mages set out once more, the world stands poised on the brink of conflict. But now the miraculous walls that have provided order for so long are disintegrating with disastrous results. Aurian attempts to claim the Sword of Flame, for she has discovered that she is the One for whom it was created, but in order to claim fyrey wield it, she must bond to it via the blood of a loved one, and she mahgie to do so.

There’s always a knowing wink that accompanies a well-worn trope, and Furey also has impressive skill in making her characters real and sympathetic enough to rise above their stock roles and to be honest, artifqcts in the book is a stock character.

Author Spotlight: Maggie Furey

Forral wins over the often violent protests of Aurian’s mother and helps to raise the girl into a strong-willed young woman; he also teaches her the art of swordsmanship, if only to distract her curious mind from the further study of the hazardous Fire-magic that claimed her father. I enjoyed myself immensely the whole time, in the way one only can when confronted with entertainment so shameless in its sentiment and energetic in its appeal to your limbic system that your only two choices are mggie set the thing on fire or give in.

And as the if spread, the ruthless and enigmatic Lord Blade rallies his supporters, waiting for his chance to take over. Both the Leviathans and the Phaerie have decisions to make which will change their existence forever. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited too! Languages Svenska Edit links.

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Women readers who follow romance may want to notch fuey rating upward. The novels are fast paced stories with strong characters that can be said to be wish fulfillment fantasies in the mold of John Carter of Mars or Conan the Barbarian. Followed by Harp of Winds.

Eliseth the Weather Mage wrests power from Miathan and wreaks even greater havoc with the grail of Rebirth than did Miathan, for she uses it to restore and control those whom she has slain, making them into puppets who do her bidding. This encouragement is what kept her going even when she had to work as a legal secretary — one of the worst jobs she ever held.

The Aurian tale unfolds in a blaze of mystic enchantment, terror, and glory artiafcts Aurian and Anvar reconstruct the first of the three lost artefacts of power, the Staff of the Earth. The limitless scope of the genre convinced combined with her vivid imagination convinced her that she was meant to be a writer of fantasy novels — she has never looked back since.

Furey imagination often goes wild, throwing in everything into the novels from high seas adventure, slave trading, pirates and brutal gladiatorial contests. Terri Windling identified Artifaacts as one of the best fantasy debuts ofdescribing it as “distinctive by the fact that it is quite well written”.

The Artefacts of Power – Wikipedia

As you might have guessed by magggie, magecraft in Furey’s world is divided along elemental lines. One of my favourite series is the Brilliance Saga by Marcus Sakey and it is our featured series of the month.

Best of all is the scene where Aurian and Forral first consummate their love, arrtifacts a sweaty coupling following a swordfighting match. Don’t think I’m belittling this book, people.


Maggie Furey – Book Series In Order

A slaughter by brutal winged invaders has left the city of Tiarond reeling, and the laws governing reality itself no longer seem to hold. She was so blown away by the idea that one could create an entire new world or universe with unique characters, and plotlines, which was so different from the real world. But mostly, Furey keeps her story fast-paced and strongly focused on her characters.

The world of Myrial is racing toward apocalypse. When you have possessed a book with mind and spirit, you are enriched. If this occurs, any hope of avoiding the deepening crisis will be destroyed.

I concentrated on studying First World War literature and history for most of my degree, until I wrote a paper on Harry Potter in my final semester. I don’t know if a steady diet of books like Aurian would be the best thing, but even the most health-conscious dieter caves in and has a little ice cream once in a while. Born and raised in the North of England, she now lives in Ireland. I am a participant in the Amazon Europe S. The lead character is Aurian, the child of the renegade Mage.

Child of wizards, swordmistress, the headstrong Aurian had set her power against that of Miathan, the evil Archmage. But when you pass it on you are enriched threefold. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page.

The developing friendship between Aurian and the hard-done-by Anvar is often touching. Aurian, the child of renegade Mages, finds herself sent to the city of Nexis to join the Academy and then train as a full Mage.