The paper has two major parts, one theoretical and one empirical. In the first part. Jakobson’s basic aphasia model is presented, and in the second part the. empirical observations and discoveries. Jakobson examines aphasia, a disorder of language use, which he characterizes as consisting of two more fundamental. Psychopathology and the essence of language: the interpretation of aphasia by Kurt Goldstein and Roman Jakobson. Friedrich J(1). Author information.

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Metaphor and Metonymy in Comparison and Contrast revised ed. Views Read Edit View history.

Raunce did not yet know how the thing worked. On the metaphorical level the map represents a general picture of centric perspective broken up into metonymic part-relations, as if everyone has an imaginary map with their home in the centre and everything else represented partially round about.

When she saw and thought she knew she drew her breath with a hiss. In particular, Jakobson fed the symptoms described by Goldstein into a structuralist model, jkaobson him to predict different types of aphasia deductively.

This is shown by the inability of these patients aphsia add anything that would be superfluous. They are all present and they are ordered according to grammatical construction, in Saussurian terms, as parole. A form of metaphorical centrism is implied here, especially with respect to the other key sites, which are partially drawn, or represented by metonyms, parts for the whole the single steeple for the church.

Metaphor and metonymy

They would not be able to substitute for the word cat either the word feline or the word chat. Figurative language operates on both axes.

She strode up to that arrow and gave it a wild tug presumably to drag the pointer away from those now disgusting people lying in a position which, only before she had aphasla Dermot, she had once or twice laughed at to her husband. The signified sd is produced in the double action of contiguity a combination of selected signifiers and similarity the system of possible substitutions.


Context means two things here. The linguistic theory of aphasia advocated by Jakobson in the s and s is based on clinical case studies reported by Goldstein at the beginning of the s.

What distinguishes this type of aphasia from the first type is the dependence on the signified part of the sign.

However the names themselves are less than paradigmatic, more metonymic in their slightly farcical suggestiveness. There is the map, first of all, which is a representation of the house and the country lying round about, inside the house itself. Metalanguage means language on jakobzon about language.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. There are many clues in the above passage. Or they can come up with sentences that are at best the sequel of imagined previous utterances i.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3. I want to finish up by taking a short example of some modern literary writing Here we should see how a close analysis is capable of revealing the operation of rhetoric in texts, and we can interpret a particular text in terms of what it has to say itself about the rhetorical dimension.

The novel is set in by then post-colonial Ireland and the story takes place in a British Castle called Kinaltythe home of a family the Tennants who, as their name suggests, are not landed gentry but nouveau rich and their servants. French original available here.

But the perspectives are all important here.


A contiguity disorder aphasiac would use metaphor instead of metonymy. Loss of the metalinguistic ability means that such aphasics cannot switch from a word either to any of its synonyms or to any words meaning the same thing in different languages. These aphasics thus tend to sound infantile and can manage only very short sentences.

The cat sat on the mat. The thing seems to have got stuck Madam. He stood and pondered and asked himself aloud where he could say he was going to fix replacements if she asked him. InJacques Lacaninspired by an article by linguist Roman Jakobsonargued that the unconscious has the same structure of a language, and that condensation and displacement are equivalent to the poetic functions of metaphor and metonymy.

Jakobson – Aphasia as a Linguistic Problem – justin lewis

Related to these aspects of the substitution deficiency are two essential aspects of language, translation and metalanguageboth of which are compromised in aphasics with a similarity disorder. What Mrs Tennant is doing is mistaking a metonymic relation the pointer on the naked figures for a paradigmatic symbolic message. A similarity disorder would restrict the speaker to forms like scribblerdepending on the context. The dog, standingand the carpet are thus excluded from the first sentence the cat cannot be a dog, you cannot both stand and sit at the same time.

As we have already seen, the two deficiencies imply recourse to two different types of figurative language, metaphor and metonymy. The deficiency can be on the paradigmatic axis or the syntagmatic one.

We can see that two aspects are simultaneously necessary, as follows: