Visualizza il profilo completo di Emanuele Teti. È gratis! I tuoi colleghi, compagni di studi e oltre milioni di professionisti sono iscritti a LinkedIn. Visualizza il. Emanuele Teti. Bocconi University Milan. Verified email at Corporate E Teti, F Perrini, L Tirapelle. Journal of Management Development 33 (10). Emanuele Teti, Bocconi University, Finance Department, Department Member. Studies Cultural Heritage Management, Cultural Policy, and.

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The Capital Asset Pricing Model CAPM still represents the reference model to assess the risk and return trade-off of an asset, due to its simplicity and its explicatory strength. International business travelers is another way of saying managers who frequently have to travel abroad for their work. Corporate governance and cost of equity: This situation makes it possible to further reduce risk for the same return or increase return for the same risk through an optimization process first based on the diversified selection of underlying factors rather than asset selection.

It sounds incredible, but it actually happens in the film industry. Being ready to travel on the job offers several career advantages, but in Italy women face obstacles because of the country’s culture about their presumed family obligations. Competitive strategies and value creation: It must be stressed that, although some factors have high recurrence, the level of diversification is not always optimal.

The authors hold that this conclusion represents a crucial junction with the CAPM. The frequency distribution of box office revenues is affected by an extremely high variance. An example can speak better than a thousand words: A future in which a hybrid system will emerge.

If you continue navigating on the site, please expressly accept the uses of these cookies. In fact, from the factorial perspective, the market could be explained as the biggest portfolio that could be built, in which all the existing factors join and diversify.

And this because you only need a couple of hugely successful movies e. The dark side of the movie.


Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. If diversification were perfect, the market explanatory factors should be the same as those explaining all other returns, then the market return could be – as defined by the CAPM boccoi the unique key variable, being a proxy of all the other underlying factors.

Emanuele Teti

New articles by this author. To develop genuine trust between companies and their employees, transparency, personal growth, the quality rmanuele the work environment and company benefits, worktime flexibility, and the sharing of objectives are all crucial. An offer they couldn’t refuse but probably should have: UN PRI and private equity returns. Andriotto and Teti have observed that in the light of the factorial analysis, many investors hold portfolios that are not fully diversified.

Emanueele from a sample of 4, movies shown in US cinemas from toI performed econometric testing on a dataset of 1, films, which excludes the numerous outliers which would have caused biased estimates. Only this way can engagement be developed, according to Sergio Picarelli, Bocconi alumnus and manager emanueele Adecco Group. Federica Fusi January 15, at As a result, the factorial model does not exclude the CAPM, quite the opposite it could be a key contribution for asset pricing and asset allocation theories.

Articles 1—20 Show more.

The European Economic Association, on December 6 and 7, will hold the first edition of the job market for young economists searching for a job in academia, central banks and private institutions.

The movie industry is among the most interesting to study from an economic and financial point of view. Top corporate brands and the global structure of country brand positioning: The only problem with this is that neither 20th Century Fox nor any other operator emanuelle the industry would have been able to predict that the movie by James Cameron with Leonardo Di Caprio would become a blockbuster.

Journal of Management Development 34 9, New articles related to this author’s research.

EMANUELE TETI – Universita’ Bocconi

Different scholars have tried to improve the CAPM considering that equity returns are affected by a variety of factors. However, in relative terms, as expressed by dispersion diagrams, there is a random causal relationship between production costs and actual returns the latter expressed as the difference between box office revenues and production costs and production costs themselves.


The following articles are merged in Scholar. Market value and corporate debt: Journal of Business Economics and Management 15 4, McGraw-Hill Education Italy srl The authors emaneule built a ranking of factors through recurrence and impact measures, and then they have formulated some assumptions behind the diversification level of investors.

Sustainability and value: a new research center at Bocconi

Journal of Management Bocconu 34 6, The answer lies in the fact that Hollywood Majors have been able to differentiate their products, by making very different, in terms of cost and content, productions co-exist. The difficult balance between risk and return E Teti Management Decision 51 4, Marco Percoco is the new director. Investment Management and Financial Innovations 9 3, Avatar in the 00s or E. The novelty of the work is represented by the identification of the key explanatory factors for each of the 9, historical series examined.

Private equity and enterprise tetk That there is a positive correlation between production costs and box office revenues costlier movies, involving famous actors and celebrated directors, usually sell more tickets in movie theaters.

And this for a simple reason: International Journal of Entrepreneurship 17, 99 If you continue navigating on the site, please expressly accept the uses of these cookies.

For instance, irrationality could play a key role, and diversification level could vary depending on decision making process, asset selection theories, and also on insider trading. What is the main message the analysis sends bococni prospective investors in the industry?

The glamor surrounding the film industry fades away fast, if you are in the position of being a manager who has to decide in which movies to invest.