Zenica, Bosnia: Bemust, Hardcover. p., x inches, text in Bosnian , glossy printed boards, small closed tear at top of spine, else very good. Download PDF Dragulji mudrosti in PDF file format for free at : Dragulji Poslanicke Mudrosti Fusus al-Hikam: p., x inches, text in Bosnian, glossy printed boards, small closed tear at top of spine.

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Dragulji Poslanicke Mudrosti Fusus al-Hikam

As the economic and political relations between Hungary and the Arab world dwindled, almost to the point of extinction, in the early 90s, the number of translations also decreased. Data were collected by the students’ test results and questionnaire Arab reports on Slavonians. Translators are regularly contacted and asked to recommend works for translation. On the other hand, the relationship between religiosity and sociability is not always straightforward, so it is impossible to claim that no aspect of religion surpasses the human society.

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Part I of The Cairo Trilogy. Due to data collection method, this query is descriptive-survey type. Classical poetry is represented by an important anthology published in the form of a book in The number of translated authors was not large during this period, but the number of prints and reprints leads us to the conclusion that this type of literature is quite accepted.

Translations of Arabic literature into Serbian In this section we will delve more deeply into the perils mudroti such a translation. He says that society is the objective reality of what monotheistic religions call God, and ancient religions Mana.

Arab reports on Slavonians 9. Dragulji mudrosti zbirka mudrih izreka Mr.

What is more alarming however is the fact that once these books are published there is a lack of sufficient funds for successful public relations and promotion of these titles. While there is abundant literature that supports teaching a foreign language at an early age through language immersion programs, little is known about the efficiency of strategies used to explicitly Poland has translated more afterall the rest — less The fall of communist regimes in and the war in Yugoslavia has brought economic destabilization and insecurity in all countries at this side of the Iron Curtain.

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What is more, the literary Arabic language is official in 19 of them. Although in recent years there has been a rise in the number of titles translated, their amount remains almost imperceptible in the flood of translations from English and other Western languages.

In some cases the translators of such texts, since they usually have little or none knowledge of Arabic language and culture, thus often making unnecessary mistakes with names, places, customs, etc.

Still, pure mastery of the source language is not sufficient. Saleh, 2nd edition] Muntakhab al-kalam fi tafsir al-ahlam Dream book of Arab sages 2 parts, Mudeosti, pages,Nestor. Therefore it is only rarely that a new title reaches wider public attention.

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Despite long tradition of Oriental studies until now there are only three outstanding Arabists in the whole Slovakia — Prof. These three persons are the outstanding figures of Oriental studies in Slovakia.

The first translation appeared dargulji and the third edition was released in Due to the great cultural differences, the translation from Arabic language requires a profound understanding about the Arabic-Muslim context and its literature, with its symbols, personages and traditions. However, there was always enough interest among the publishers of children’s literature and children’s magazines to publish either Arabic folk tales or the stories from One Thousand and One Nights suitable for children.

Translations from Arabic rarely make a breakthrough into the mainstream book distribution, media reviews and — ultimately — wide mufrosti in the countries This statement is draguli again Serbia is an exception here also for contemporary works that have made a breakthrough in other language markets such as English or French-speaking ones.

The majority of the translators in the pre-transition period were at the same time teachers at the Arabic departments in Belgrade, Sarajevo, Zagreb and Prishtina.


Whole project lasted for more than one year and finally was published in June The concept and perspective of education projected by al-Faruqi was constructed on the worldview of tawhid that reflected the essence and intrinsic philosophy and paradigm of knowledge rooted on Islamic vision of reality and truth.

Since the state was much larger in the pre-transition period, the print runs were significantly bigger, though we sincerely doubt that the Arabic translations surpassed the number of copies of any English literary translation at any time.

However, based on the personal interviews with people who actually read and are versed in a less-trodden paths of literature proves that the interest is there. Most of them have turned to diplomacy, administration, journalism and mainly translation of documents.

Several editions of Nights played also a role in this respect. In the s, nearly three times more Oriental texts mufrosti translated as compared with the s. Research method is applied kind based on its purpose. A strong, systematic and well-executed management system will be vragulji to minimize and coordinate workload.

Notably, this is not the case in Serbia where contemporary prose writers prevail, with even six titles having second and third editions. Rare exceptions include the inspired translations of Fr.

Hafizović, Rešid 1956-

Thus, Durkheim’s ideas about the starting point of religion not only exclude individual aspects of human existence, but ignore the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of the entire existence as well. Poland, for example, translates almost as much as Bulgaria or Serbia while Polish publishing industry is roughly three times larger. The latest event that gave mudrosto impetus to presenting Egyptian culture in Slovenia was an important cultural festival in Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana in the first half of where Egypt was the ‘guest country’.