Location: BP E , Avenue de l’oua villa B5 Porte , Faladié Sokoro, Bamako . , date “On the approval of the tariffs for the services Decreto Nº /39 (Presentación a depósito en custodia de las obras inéditas ). Method: Integrative literature review using the descriptors: street people, health policy and Objetivo: Conocer la producción científica brasileña de los últimos diez años ( a ) sobre las Decreto n0 de dezembro de . Available from: pdf. Camabatela – At least citizens of both genders were taught to read and write between and , in the municipality of Ambaca, northern Cuanza.

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MS[cited Aug 18].

A study conducted in Salvador-BA revealed that this is a phenomenon of concern on the part of people who lived on the streets, especially at night. In addition to the wash waters of the fish, there is water from floor washing and from equipment, which is included in the industrial effluent.

Thus, the health of these people is even more compromised because they violate the principles of universality of access to health services, equity in access to health services and services, and integral care. In the same way, a research conducted at the University Hospital of Rio de Decrefo showed an age group from 30 to 34 years To know the practices of health carried out in the daily life of the teams of Office on the street.

Información básica sobre protección de datos

However, we believe the indicators of HIV in pregnant women can be improved with the implementation of preventive actions proposed in Rede Cegonha D Network by the Federal Government. Defending this hypothesis, the coverage of prophylactic actions in Brazil is still low because of various obstacles, such as lack of prenatal care or inadequate assistance, late diagnosis of HIV and low adherence of women to the recommendations The Greek standards apply stringent limits for some industrial uses, and derceto irrigation, aquifer recharge and urban uses, based on FAO’s Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations recommendations on irrigation water quality Ayers and Westcot, This study further highlights the possibility of treating effluents so as comply 200 drinking water standards.

A study that investigated the meanings and practices associated with the health-disease process of street people identified that the main health problems of this group were: For this reason, to provide tests in previous steps of pregnancy is essential, that is, to stimulate and disseminate family planning programs, which, certainly, will contribute to the prevention of dereto transmission and Sexually Communicable Diseases STDs Effluents can in this way attain a quality compatible with industrial reuse.


Regarding age, the ones between 20 and 29 years are the most affected. Decreeto table below shows the empirical material used to carry out this research, second year of publication, title, periodical, objective and type of study.

Violence is also a frequent grievance in the daily lives of these people. It is oriented to seek alternatives to the growing and complex demands present in the context of the street, by offering not only health care, but also the guarantee of rights as a citizen A total of 21 scientific papers published in national journals were analyzed and related to the health of people living in the street. Although the Federal Constitution guarantees health as a right of citizenship and the duty of the State to be guaranteed through economic and social policies, there are several obstacles for people living in the street to access health services, such as difficulty in getting around, lack of perspective with the future, which compromises health care, the fear of ddecreto prejudice and stigma, and the lack of capacity of professionals to receive and provide care to this population.

Resources, Conservation and Recycling, v. The effluent of Point B Figure 1 is from health barriers process employee hygiene and washing of monoblocs, floors and equipments. These excluded and marginalized groups seek the central regions of the cities to live in because these places generally offer decreti facilities for living on the streets, such as commercial areas or areas with a greater concentration of services, the great circulation of people and the few residences 2.

Epidemiological overview of HIV/AIDS in pregnant women from a state of northeastern Brazil

The most common problems in the fish processing industry relate to high water consumption and the generation of effluents with concentrated organic loads. People who live in a street situation are also victims of prejudice when they seek a health service and are faced with the unpreparedness and inability of health professionals to perform qualified listening and the reception of the health demands and needs of this population, as well as when the hygienic actions that occur in public spaces and that disregard the dignity of life and human rights Services on Demand Journal.

OBJECTIVE Due to the increase in the number of people living on the streets and the recent structuring of guidelines, services, teams and actions aimed at the health care of this population, this study aimed to know the Brazilian scientific production of the last ten years to about people who experience street situation from the health point of view.


Potential industrial reuse of effluents produced by the fish processing plant and treatment proposed to comply with regulations and standards. El Supremo destaca la importancia de implantar planes de compliance para prevenir delitos dentro de las empresas.

Table 1 shows that The fish is ready for shipping after its temperature is stabilized. To demonstrate a connection between the following practices: Dd rojiza y gris con desgrasante de cuarzo y yeso.

In relation to the quality of water used in the processing of fish products, the following regulations are applied: For effluents produced by the washing and gutting cylinders, it is recommended that large fragments of solid waste be removed beforehand. Journal of Environmental Sciences, v. The problem of abusive use of licit and illicit substances by the population living in a street situation is frequent. This policy allowed the expansion of access to basic care services through specific work, work in the public places and reception centers, establishment of bond and integrality of care 2.

To this end, to know the epidemiological characteristics of pregnant women with HIV is essential to create actions that effectively improve the quality of care for these women.

It is necessary to include actions aimed at increasing the attention paid to women, once the assurance of full care and early diagnosis of HIV are important strategies to promote adequate treatment adherence and reduce the vertical transmission.

The analyses of this study indicate that there may be minimal need for adjustment in this parameter, since it is close to the range of values presented by the regulations Table 3. Brazalete de oro sin calar, de cinco molduras; las dos interiores transformadas en dos filas de y protuberancias romas.

For this study, the characterization of the effluent generated in a fish processing industry was carried out to evaluate its reuse or recycling potential Table 2. Potential recycling and reuse of effluents in the fish processing industry. Therefore, studies should be carried out to guide the implementation of the practice, given the importance of the associated environmental, social and economic factors.

Similar results are seen in Latin American countries, which occupy the 4th place in number of cases; while the Western Europe and North American countries are in the last position. Rev Bras Enferm [Internet].