ASME PTC (R). Application, Part II of Fluid Meters: Interim Supplement on Instruments and Apparatus. standard by ASME. Download Citation on ResearchGate | ASME PTC Procedures for Application of Laboratory Calibrations of Differential Pressure Flow Meters | Performance. This paper presents the new information on orifice flow metering in ASME Performance Test Code (PTC) , “Flow Measurement” [1], and discusses many of.

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The e-mail address is invalid. Job opportunities FAQ Product 195. Different primary flow elements that have the same geometrical form, under the same flow conditions and with equivalent Reynolds number, h Experience The Engineering Department at dP Flow Tech has designed and analyzed the flow calibration data of many flow nozzle meter sections.

For more information, please contact your WIKA contact person. Switch Float Switches Optoelectronic Switches. WIKA Part of your business Solutions for pressure, temperature, force and level measurement, flow measurement, calibration and SF 6 gas solutions from WIKA are an asmf component of our customers’ business processes.

The lengths asmee measured from the inlet plane of the flow nozzle. With our extensive product range, we are able to cover almost all industrial applications. Transmit Gas Density Sensors. The flow coefficient C v determines the ratio between the actual flow rate and the theoretically possible flow rate.

If you have any questions on your specific application, you are welcome to contact us. Industrial Control Handbook E. Land Use and Development. By continuing to use it, you agree to their use. This is a supplementary Document that does not supersede the mandatory requirements of any code unless such an agreement has been expressed in writing prior to testing.


Newer flow measurement techniques of comparably high accuracy are included to provide alternative flow measurements for special situations in which deviations from asmee requirements of a code are agreed to be necessary. Wish list – Documents 0 There are currently no documents on your wish list.

Search book title Enter keywords for book title search. Instrumentation Reference Book, 2nd edition B. We will verify that pipe wall thickness meets the minimum requirements of the design code such as ASME B Display Gas Density Indicators. Sensor and Analyzer Handbook H. Goldin, Pitman and Sons, Accuracy of the whole set production is proved by water calibration under conditions of flow as closest as possible to conditions under performance testing of steam turbines.


The nozzle body is with elliptic inlet and cylindrical outlet, so-called nozzle throat, in which differential pressure is tapped. Customized solutions can be developed to meet your specific needs. The upstream and downstream straight lengths depend on many factors, such as the piping system and the beta ratio, for which reason no blanket statement can be made on this.

Thirty-thousand of these members are students. Display Dial Thermometers Digital Indicators. Parr editor, Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd.


Noltingk editor, Butterworth-Heinemann, The FNMS includes upstream and downstream straight sections, a flow nozzle and differential pressure connections. It is used for measurement of water flow in thermal performance testing of steam turbines.

The maximum number of 20 entries was reached. Handbook of Transducers Harry N. Are you sure you want to empty ptf cart? Weighing and Force Measurement in the 90’s T. Our portfolio of primary flow elements consists of orifice plates, meter runs, flow nozzles, venturi tubes, pitot tubes, wedge meters, and proprietary designs. Remember me for one month.

Primary Flow Elements

If you like to setup a quick demo, let us know at support madcad. Weld embedding of both nozzle body and the whole set into the piping has advantages such as material savings on the flanges and subsequently minimized leakage in flanged joints. Additional tap sets may azme required by the standard. Pressure Gauge Handbook Philip W.

From college students and early-career engineers to project managers, corporate executives, researchers and academic leaders, ASME’s members are as diverse as the engineering community itself. The flow nozzle may be installed between flanges or welded into the meter section. To do this, select the desired language using the flag symbol.